Apollo Medical Solutions is a Physician Practice Management System that allows real-time appointment scheduling, streamlines office workflow, makes it easier than ever to manage your billing and optimize collections, facilitates effective EMR & encounter management and offers a host of other tools for effective management of your healthcare practice. What’s more, you can access these services using not only an internet connecting desktop PC but all kinds of mobile devices – laptop, PDA, cell phone & tablet PC.

Designed to capture lost charges and boost revenues while providing improved patient care and satisfaction, Apollo is a 100% web based, HIPAA compliant service available as an ASP or server based option.

  • The rule-based system allows doctor offices to easily customize the system based on their own needs and culture

  • Streamlined patient scheduling, check-in, checkout and resource management process
  • EMR (electronic medical records) and encounter management capabilities that are highly configurable to the desired level of service

  • Electronic Billing, Claim processing, Collection and Cash flow management capabilities. This is smoothly integrated with the EMR module so that services provided can efficiently be captured and recorded for billing

  • EDI capabilities with most payors either through clearinghouses or direct interfaces using ANSI X-12 standards

  • Provides universal access to physician for accessing and updating patient information, hospital admissions, consults list or appointment book via mobile devices such as laptop, cell phone, pocket PC and or PDA’s

  • Messaging and communicating using SMS, faxes, phones and emails

  • Automatic generation of notifications for patients and physicians of any schedule changes

  • Enforcing page level validation & correction of insurance claim and instantaneous submission to guarantee minimal denials

  • Automatically forward prescription and lab test requests to the appropriate pharmacy or medical lab

  • Access to a call centre with well-trained staff to share the administrative workload from individual doctors office

  • Integration with commercial accounting & reporting packages such as Quickens, Crystal Reports, etc.

  • Integrated with voice recognition applications as a dictation alternative for managing patient progress notes

  • Access to a data warehouse of symptoms, diagnosis, prescribed drugs and outcomes which can be used for statistical and / or research purposes