Apollo Link is a secure & reliable web-based service designed to deliver healthcare service at a single click, connect patients to their physician’s office, and facilitate appointment scheduling, prescription refilling & obtaining referrals. Apollo Link maintains electronic medical records, insurance information and ensures the physician has up-to-date information about his patients at the time of office visit.
Apollo provides around-the-clock support for patients without web access through a call centre. Try Apollo, it is secure, easy to use and offers services free of charge.

Schedule Appointments
Maintain Personal Profiles
Manage Medical Records
Stay In Touch With Physicians

  • Online Access to personal medical records, lab results, medications, past appointment history and other information
  • Allows patients to set, cancel or update appointments online by looking at the physician appointment book
  • Allows both patients and physicians to exchange email messages, request prescription refills, and referrals or simply send health updates
  • Automatically generates appointment reminder messages for the patients
  • Allows patients to create their personal profile by entering personal, health and insurance information before they arrive at their offices. Patients can also have direct access from their profile to their physicians, pharmacies, labs and future appointments details.
  • Provide around-the-clock support for patients without web access through a call centre