Apollo For Patients
Apollo is a secure & reliable web-based service designed to deliver healthcare service at the click of a button. Connect you with your physician's office and discover effortless appointment scheduling, prescription refilling & obtaining referrals. Apollo maintains electronic medical records, insurance information and ensures your physician has up-to-date information about you at the time of your office visit.
Apollo empowers you to effectively...  
1. Schedule Your Own Appointment  
  • Bid farewell to bothersome telephone services, waiting on hold or inflexible office working hours
  • Schedule appointments with your physicians online even when the office is closed
  • Select an appointment date & time slot of your choice and convenience
  • Conveniently cancel & reschedule appointments as needed
  • Get appointment reminders on your phone, fax, e-mail or text messages
  • View your current & previous appointments with their transactions details
2. Maintain Your Own Personal Profile  
  • Apollo provides a comprehensive search engine to find physicians, labs, hospitals, pharmacies and insurance companies all over the United States
  • Search & add doctors, pharmacies and labs of your choice to your profile
  • Access them with our services in a single click
  • View all your medical messages in one location, instantly
  • Maintain and organize your insurance information, your dependants and guardian profiles, health records and other personal information on a centralized, secure Apollo database that can be accessed from anywhere, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week!
3. Manage Your Own Medical Record  
  • Entering information into your health record ensures your physician has up-to-date information about you at the time of the visit
  • Avoid lengthy paperwork and form filling in the physician office at the time of appointment
  • Keep a centralized record of your current and past medications, allergies, ailments, and your general health habits
  • Access your record anytime, anywhere
4. Stay In Touch With Your Physician  
  • No matter where you are, with Apollo your physician is well within your reach
  • Contact your doctor via Email at an hour that suits you even if the office is closed
  • Keep your physician updated on your health specifics or email him with your health related queries and concerns
  • Easily renew prescriptions and request transmission of your prescription to your preferred pharmacy
  • Request a referral to another doctor
Getting Started With
  Log on to www.Apollolink.com Follow the register link to fill out the Apollo registration form and you'll be on your way to enjoying a host of services free of cost. Join the ever-growing number of people who benefit from our services and trust Apollo to organize and take care of their personal and health related information.