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Supporting a unique "Test Early, Test Often" development philosophy, Quality Check Inc. presents the first open software lifecycle automated testing system, designed to help a development team to be able to work together and overcome today's development - test challenge. Our focus is to enable your staff to center attention on software development and allow us to develop a 100% automated testing process, which will sustain the entire software development lifecycle. Quality Check bridges the gap between developers and test teams by providing immediate, dependable test results.

1- Manual Testing

Here at QCI, we realize that manual testing will always be required. Automation has its limitation; therefore, a strong infrastructure to support manual test efforts is required. We will accompany you on this journey, help you develop manual test cases, which are simple to understand yet cover all the necessary details. QCI will assist you in designing templates that address GUI, functional, integration, installation and database issues.

2- Test Documentation

Software testing is a process-based system and QCI believes solid documentation is the key to the success of your processes. We can help you create a complete Test Plan, Test Requirements, Test Cases, Test Procedures, and Test Logs explaining in short - A Comprehensive Road Map.

3- Test Automation

Software requires an extensive amount of testing that repeats the same procedures. Instead of manually testing applications, automated test uses a series of predetermined sequences to repeatedly examine programs features. Automated testing offers a unique, money saving solution for software requiring a long-term commitment. Quality Check Inc. can provide you with an automation structure that produces results! Quality Check Inc. believes in a unique "Test Early, Test Often" development philosophy. Quality Check Inc. is the first open software lifecycle automated testing system designed to help a development team to work together and overcome today's development - test challenge. When it comes to automation, we focus on following key issues:

  • Development of robust and flexible test scripts that will run virtually unattended.
  • A programmatic script development process, generating reusable, maintainable and modular automated test scripts.
  • We provide an automation structure that not only produces results, but also has an open architecture that is, quickly deployable, easily adaptable, and will improve communication - An approach that will overcome today's development test challenge.

4- Configuration Management

Compatibility testing is performed in order to verify that your product functions without difficulties or discrepancies due to incompatibility with a platform configuration. Tests are run on several different computer configurations that are considered the "Industry Standard". With our extensive in-house library of up-to-date software and hardware, we can simulate almost any real-world environment.

5- Functional Testing

After your application has been developed, you need solid verification that it performs the functions it was designed to perform before you release it. Functionality testing determines the extent to which your application meets expected functional requirements. This process can be as simple to ensure primary functional operation, or as detailed as checking a variety of scenarios, validating that all output meets specified expectations.

6-Performance/Volume/Stress Testing

Unpredictable user behavior and system variables can challenge new technologies and pose the risk of a highly visible failure. Quality Check, Inc.'s testing can help you to understand past failures, remedy current issues and anticipate future problems regarding the overall performance of your application. Quality Check, Inc. evaluates the performance of your application under normal load, under anticipated future load; under worst-case abnormal peak load; and under uninterrupted and sustained load.

7- Integration Testing

When software or system components are integrated together, each integration point introduces new complexity and new potential to introduce a problem. System integration testing is performed at the system/application level. Quality Check Inc. tests the final integration of the system with its environment to identify areas that are not performing as desired. This testing ensures your final product performs as desired.

8- Regression Testing

Even if your application has been thoroughly tested for functionality, once something has been changed, it is likely that you need to test again. This is called regression testing and usually involves re-running the original functional tests to make sure that no errors were introduced along with the changes. Quality Check, Inc.'s regression testing services give you confidence that your application will function as designed.