Apollo's unique design makes it suitable for large and small practices, especially for practices which are spread over several locations. From back office processing to patient charts and revenue management we will cater to all your needs.

The Apollo Physician Scheduler is a fully configurable, rule-based module that is responsible for real-time maintenance of a physician's outpatient, inpatient and consults schedule; moreover, this schedule is accessible not only via web, but also by other mobile devices - cell phones, PDA and tablet PC's. Scheduling rules that are used to generate and display the physician's appointment book can be modified through an easy to use interface. Features of the Apollo Physician Scheduler include:

  • Maintenance and usage of fully configurable appointment scheduling rules
  • Real-time access of dynamic appointment book, using hand-held devices
  • Approval of prescription renewals with a single click
  • Communication with patients and colleagues in a secure environment
  • Configuration of a list of covering physicians, in order to electronically forward referrals
  • Reception of electronic notification of consults requests from associate physicians

The system stores patient demographics, chart notes, vital statistics, history, medications, allergies and immunizations. This information is universally retrievable through any internet-connecting desktop PC or a handheld device. Doctors can add, delete, view and edit patient data from anywhere.AMS with its fully configurable EMR module allows documentation up to the level required by the payors. AMS streamlines and simplifies recording of CC, HPI, ROS, PFS History & multi-system examination. A few clicks and you have the complete documentation of a patient encounter.

  • Up to date CPT/ICD9 codes database to configure your CPT code quick-list as per your specialty
  • Configure quick-list of chief complaints and list of questions to be recorded with every HPI
  • Access to constantly updated payor-specific rules
  • Dictate progress notes at the point of care

AMS facilitates Electronic Data Interchange - the faster, efficient & more cost-effective method of exchanging critical information with payors, clearing houses, labs & pharmacies. This includes filing Medicare claims electronically, credit card verifications & transactions through payment gateways, electronic prescriptions and lab test ordering. A fast and efficient alternative to traditional paper-based communications, EDI transfer saves time, reduces errors and eliminates paperwork. We have built an extensive EDI network by collaborating with clearinghouses, insurance payers and key developers of EDI technology.

  • Less paper handling
  • No postal expenses
  • Electronic Eligibility Verification
  • Electronic Claims transfer
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
  • Access to transmission lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Increased accuracy
  • Consistent turnaround time

AMS provides an automatic appointment reminder service, utilizing virtually any media: phone, fax, email, text messages. Patients can access their physician's office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with electronic messages for referrals, health updates, PCP change notification and prescription refill requests. Apollo provides an ADA-compliant patient website, reaching out to an extended spectrum of users, with round-the-clock call center support and assistance for patients with no internet access and promises increased ease and accessibility for patients and physicians alike.

Apollo provides extensive and updated physician, pharmacy, laboratory and hospital directories complete with an easy to use, state-of-the-art search engine. Patients can search for physicians, view their credentials and accepted insurance packages, add them to their personalized preference profiles, and schedule non-emergency appointments - all in real-time. For the first time, online appointment scheduling is available - anytime, anywhere. Moreover, these appointments can be re-scheduled or canceled as conveniently; instantaneously updating physician schedules at all locations.

Apollo Practice Manager is tailored and customized according to individual practice requirements, based upon on-location evaluation of existing process flow. This fully configurable Practice Manager flexibly accommodates any changes in practice structure or workflow. Data is stored on secure AMS servers, protected by a firewall ensuring privacy and safety of patient-critical data. Moreover, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology is used for data transmission to guarantee that no data tampering or packet sniffing occurs on the way. AMS even offers isolated database configurations for small to medium-sized practices.

  • Effectively streamlined check in / checkout
  • Pre-authorizations, validations & health related appointment questions taken care of, even before check-in
  • Easy maintenance of lists of physicians, staff and rooms at different practice locations
  • Accommodation of walk-in and emergency patients
  • Automatic assignment of examination rooms to patients at check-in
  • Electronic recording of patient encounter details

Apollo Billing & Claim Processor guarantees optimum provider reimbursement. Generally, an erroneous claim is not reported until after its rejection from the insurance carrier, but with AMS a claim is not submitted until it fully conforms to the insurance carrier's latest requirements; stringent page-level validation ensures this accurate claim generation. Any changes in coding standards and insurance policies are adjusted centrally in this web-based application, as opposed to stand-alone billing software that requires regular upgrading to accommodate such changes. When adding services, a comprehensive data library of CPT-to-ICD9 crosswalk and OCE edits feeds the Claim Engine to ensure that correct and matching procedure and diagnosis code are assigned. You can rely on Apollo Billing & Claim Processor for:

  • Optimized provider reimbursement
  • Accurate claim generation
  • Virtually zero denials & rejections
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Automation of a manual paper and telephonic process
  • Greater accuracy and efficiency
  • Maintenance and usage of personalized CPT code lists for physicians
  • Accurate entry of procedure codes at point of patient encounter

With Apollo electronic prescription writer you can prescribe drugs to your patients at the point of care with the confidence that there will be no medication errors arising from illegible handwriting, misinterpretation of drug name or dosage.

  • Configure your medication quick-list as per your specialty and preference
  • Access a constantly updated database of drug listing and drug interactions
  • Fax or email prescription directly to your patient's preferred pharmacy at point of care

The Lab order generator can be used to generate paperwork required for a lab work.

  • Online ordering of lab tests to the appropriate lab
  • Configure your lab order quick-list as per your specialty and preference
  • Fax or email lab order directly to your patient's preferred lab at point of care

Apollo Document Manager is a secure and convenient system to manage patient medical reports, lab tests, x-rays and other heath related documents in digital format.The documents can be scanned and uploaded to secure AMS servers. This eliminates the need to carry bulky reports and X-rays around and retrieval of critical information becomes far more efficient and reliable. Physicians and other office staff have the ability to access patient charts, images, X-rays from any workstation with local network access. Patient-related documents can be conveniently shared with any physician outside the clinic, and viewed from remote locations over the Internet. Features of the Apollo Document Manager include:

  • Customizable templates for recording patient information
  • Access rights to authorized physicians for viewing complete patient medical history, progress notes, diagnosis, medications and lab test results from all previous encounters, including encounters with other physicians
  • Stringent security privileges for viewing patient records
  • Access log maintained for greater safety
  • Capability of uploading scanned documents, email messages, faxes, audio and video file clips to AMS servers