Medical Practice- the challenges  What is Apollo?  Apollo suite of services
  • Inefficient appointment scheduling
  • Time-consuming office administration
  • Claim rejection and denials
  • Cumbersome manual documentation
  • Achieving HIPAA compliance
  • Difficulty sharing patient data for referrals
  • Unavailability of documents and patient charts at remote locations
  • Prescription writing errors
  • Paperwork backlog
  • Phone tag
  • Manual eligibility verification and pre authorization
Apollo Medical Solutions is a Physician Practice Management System that allows real-time appointment scheduling and streamlines office workflow. AMS makes it easier than ever to manage billing, optimizes collections, facilitates effective EMR & Encounter Management, and it also offers a host of other tools for effective management of your healthcare practices. What else's for effective management? You can access these services not only using an internet connecting desktop PC but also from all kinds of mobile devices such as laptop, PDA, cell phone and tablet PC. Designed to capture lost charges and boost up revenues whilst providing improved patient care and satisfaction, Apollo is a 100% web based, HIPAA compliant service available as an ASP or server based option Apollo's unique design makes it suitable for large and small practices, especially for practices, which are spread over several locations. From back office processing to patient charts and revenue management we will cater to all your needs.

- Website for patient
- Physician Scheduler
- Workflow management
- Electronic Medical Records
- Billing & claim processing
- Electronic Data Interchange
- Prescription writer
- Message Center
- Lab & document manager
- Data repository
- Universal access

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