In the Application Service Provider (ASP) model, the service provider provides a contractual service to host, deploy, manage and provide access to an application or a group of applications from an external facility. An ASP is characterized by providing application centric solutions to many users in a low cost manner.

The ASP market in the United States is growing due to a better customer understanding of the model and the increasing number of applications being provided using this solution. Additionally, this approach is getting more economically attractive to customers by helping them reduce costs and investments.


In the Healthcare ASP Market Different players, namely, Patients, Physicians, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories, Insurance Providers and Hospitals, characterize the Healthcare Industry Segment’s ecosystem. Each player’s business process in inter-connected with others for the purpose of sharing reliable and timely information.

The healthcare industry vertical today is driven by customers (e-care, quality of care, reduction in medical errors), internal capabilities (lack of IT skills, poor profit margins) and regulations (HIPAA, privacy of information). These drivers are forcing healthcare providers to look at ways to improve their efficiencies around patient knowledge management. One such way is outsourcing the management of knowledge management centric applications using the ASP model. Quality Check Inc. is capitalizing on the knowledge management needs of the participants to provide them the best available answer – Apollo Medical Solution.